Consulation Call

I help millennials, students and job professionals ditch the mindset of doing a 9-5 job, find their zone of genius, and launch a business they DON’T need an escape from! My time is everything to me and I'm assuming you share the same value for yours. So, I wanted to make sure that if you paid for my time, you would 10x your investment because if I couldn't help you, there wouldn't be a point having a call for 60 minutes! 

Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of my natural strengths. If you want me to be a keynote speaker, guest speaker, or workshop host for your event or conference… I’m your man.  I believe people need to go through experiences to retain and apply knowledge so my sessions are created with the audience at the center. Josh Talks, TED, University of Toronto are some of the places that I have spoken at. So,If you’ve got a major conference, event or summit planned and you’re looking for a keynote speaker invite me by filling the form below