Anugreh Sehtya

Innovator | Social Entrepreneur | Public Speaker 

"It always seems impossible until it is done."


Anugreh Sehtya

Anugreh is a young innovator and a social entrepreneur from New Delhi, India.  He believes that the path humanity follows needs to be pivoted for the better and he constantly work towards setting up those pathways.  He constantly looks for problems around him to solve and to leave the world in a better place than he found it in. 


Anugreh has been honored with numerous national and international awards for his social work with technology and his leadership skills which has made a renowned personality globally. He is currently heading Hybrid Idea, which is India's first assistive technology solution design company supported by NITI AAYOG and is also leading a community of over 300 students under the National Service Scheme. 



public speaking
embedded system
web development
internet of things
Computer vision
Product Design
machine learning



Eye-Q is a camera-based image processing and neural network system that allows a visually impaired person to know what is around.


Honors: Best Innovation Award at National Innovators Festival, Nomination for Padma Shri. 

Apex Band

Apex Band is a gesture-controlled wristband that lets you control your devices just by your gestures. 


Honors: Listed in Top 100 Young Innovators from India, National Award by Department of Science and Technology of India and Intel, Chance to represent India at Univerity of Toronto's DEEP Program. 


Identify the condition of your retina, using Image Recognition and Classification, by simply taking a picture with your smartphone.


HybridVR is a virtual reality application that has  a real life virtual reality environment and an artificially intelligent bot integrated.


Hybrid-Com is a decentralized communication system, that can be utilized where there is no network.


A GPS enabled vending machine of sanitary products for women. Know more at


In the world of advanced electronics, the life of human beings should be simpler. Hence, to make a healthy crop growth and to make life simpler we have made the revolutionary Automatic Irrigation System-A.I.S. A model of controlling irrigation facilities to help millions of people. This model uses sensor technology with a micro controller to make a smart switching device.


PillCare is a device/system for your pillbox that is connected to cloud via WiFi and keeps the record of your daily medicine intake and sends an E-mail/Message to the doctor/Hospital to book an appointment when the box gets empty.

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